Growth is a double edged sword. Unchecked, growth can be cancerous and destructive. It is this type of ceaseless expansion that has put our society into the precarious environmental and financial positions in which we currently find ourselves. On the other hand, growth can be regenerative and life-giving. Following a forest fire or a bitter winter, the first green shoots to emerge from the earth bear witness to the earth's ability to restore life in the wake of disaster.

My goal for this blog is pretty simple and open-ended: I want to document and share with family and friends my efforts to incorporate an ever increasing degree of self sufficiency, voluntary simplicity, and environmentally-conscious design into my life as a would be urban homesteader.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The calm before the storm

We are deep in the throes of winter here in St.Louis. My head is packed with ideas and plans for the coming year's gardening. I'm anxious to be able to eat some home grown food, but for right now we're relegated to finishing off the canned and preserved food from last year's harvest. My goal is to put my Eliot Coleman books to good use and establish a more coherent, year-round growing schedule. That's just one of many things lined up for the coming months. At the moment, I'm getting the early seeds planted in trays and packaging seeds saved from last year. It's still relatively quiet around the ol' Burbstead, but that will change as the days keep getting longer.
- Mike

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